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A Northern Light
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Reader reviewed by Kristen

I really loved this book. I listened to it on audio - which really put
me into the setting and the voice of Mattie. There is so much to this
story. Mattie wants more out of her, she has a knack for writing and is
the first one in her family to get a high school diploma. But with her
mother gone, her family needs help taking care of their land. Also,
lingering in the distance, is the promise that Mattie gave to her
mother to stay with the family.

Her dream is to go to New York, to go to college there and study to become a writer.

another dilemma - Royal - a handsome young man that seems to be smitten
with her and eventually makes his intentions known that he means to
have her for a wife. And who can't fall in love with the most handsome,
suave guy around? Is this the life for Mattie though?

I love how
there's so much going on, add in the curious love letters and the
mystery surrounding a young woman's drowning and you've got a killer

I felt like my head was in the clouds after reading this. I loved the romance, tragedy, and wonderful characters in this novel.

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