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Reader reviewed by Kristen

I have to say I was impressed with this book. I liked the way the
female character was never completely good. Miranda is turned against
her will into the princess of the vampires, but before her old guardian
angel Zachary (now fallen for trying to save her) showed up on the
doorstep of her castle, she wasn't completely unhappy with the
arrangement. I mean, the girl is treated like royalty after all...

he reminds her of her human self - she starts reflecting on when she
was human and finds herself meeting him halfway on the issue of blood -
drinking cow and pig blood instead of human.

Of course, Daddy dearest - the Dracul - isn't pleased at all when he comes back from his supposed tour of the country.

But who will triumph over the Princess - her shining angel or the master and father of her vampire life?

couldn't put this down yesterday. In fact, I read through Tropic
Thunder while my fiance and I were at the soon-to-be-in-laws for dinner
and movie time. And although I loved it, I was a little disappointed by
the ending.

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