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the Book with the word fly of the page
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Reader reviewed by juliee

This Book is the most amzing Book ive ever read if you like vampires and romance this your book the book is where every thing can happen werewolfs vampires whats nexts witches lol
Bella is attracted to a vampire bad luck flys her way in this book  when edward leaves a big hole is ripped from her like half of is gone .The only thing that heals that is Jake guss what Bella hears voice in her head when she does anything stupied like cliff diveing stupied YES  so she does it to her Edwards velvet voice. all i can say is Stupied then all of the suden Alice appers in her living Room telling Bella she had a vision of her jumping of a cliff and thouth she DIED next mouning she wakes her dad is talk he leaves the jake shows up Alice run out og the house jake talks to her the the phone rings its carlile  the voice on the other line asks where  charlie is jake says the funerel but it was edward on that other line your going to have to read it before i tell you  the whole thing sorry for doing that but i had to this is the most best book ive read besides maked-haunted read thouths two k bye just to tell you not all people like twilight so just to tell you im a huge twilight fan sorry if i went overbored   BYE
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