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I Might Be The Only One Who Loves That The Cullens Are Gone...
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Reader reviewed by Brittany Leigh

It's true. New Moon brings on a whole new chapter to Bella and Edward and he's not in it...for the most part.

The Cullens are leaving after an accident at Bella's birthday party and poor Bella is left broken without her vampire lover. But who's to keep her company and help her heal her heart? Why it's her best friend Jacob Black.

You didn't see much of him in Twilight but what you did see from him will help you out in this book. The La Push people have a secret that's not all the secret.

What happens when a vampire from Twilight wants to get revenge on Bella? What happens when Bella finally starts to heal from Edward and then Jacob pulls away? What is La Push's secret and how does it concern Jacob?

All these questions are more will be answered in New Moon. You won't be disappointed with this. Even though Edward is MIA, Jacob will steal your heart.
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