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Reader reviewed by Brittany Leigh

The differently biotic people are back in Daniel Waters sequel to Generation Dead. And let me tell you, Kiss Of Life does not disappoint.

Well, it didn't disappoint me at least! The book was amazing. I cried, I laughed, I rooted for my favorite and I got a whole new perspective on my life.

I should not judge people who are differently than me.  I also should not think that dating a differently biotic boy would be any less dramatic than dating a biotic guy.

In Kiss of Life, Phoebe gets another DB boyfriend after her bestfriend Adam dies and comes back again. But things aren't all fairy tale, happy ending like she thought it would be. Adam is having problems adjusting to DB life and there are a group of living people trying to ban the world of the DB people!

Yes, this isn't your average zombie read! It's backwards and will keep you on your toes! It'll also take your breath away...if you still have the need for it. :)
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