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Loving the Living Dead
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Reader reviewed by Brittany Leigh

I honestly didn't think Generation Dead by Daniel Waters would be that good. I picked it up at the library becuase I had no books to read.
Well, that night I finished and I went online to put the second book on hold.

The amazing. It's funny. It's sad. It had real issues. But it maintains the paranormal part. In the book, the world has a new race of people...the living dead, zombies (that won't eat you, well not all of them anyways.) or, if you want to be politically correct,  the different biotic. The differently biotic are treated like outcasts. Why? Well for one, they died as teens and suddenly came back. That's a little creepy. But they are also outcast because people cannot excet change in this world.

Generation Dead tells an all too familiar and sad tale of a new type of people getting shunned because of who they are. Yes, they are dead. But as the book shows, they too have feelings, though it takes a while to get a grip on them.

Lesson: Learning how to execpt change and not outcasting people because they are different to you. I mean, who really cares that you're boyfriend can't breath? :)
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