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Reader reviewed by Banana Split

New Moon is worser than than Twilight. In New Moon, Bella and Edward do everything together. But when an incident happens in the Cullen household, Edward tells Bella that he is moving away for her own safety, Bella pleads and begs him to not leave her but he does. This is where the book gets unbearable. Bella goes into serious depression over a guy, this potrays Bella as a dependent women who NEEDS a man to live. Seriously, Bella attempts suicide just because her boyfriend for a month dumped her. This book is a bad example to everyone who reads it. Bella starts hanging out with Jacob, a childhood friend and uses him as a substitue for Edward because when Edward comes back, she literary dumps Jacob and forgets about everything he had done for her in her time of need. This book just shows how Bella needs Edward for everything in her life. I wouldn't recommend it.
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