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Fate, London, and Playing Cards
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Reader reviewed by Kristen

I must say, this book captured me right from the start. I listened to
it on audiobook, which definitely made me blush in the car when the
sexual thoughts and scenes came through, windows rolled down and me
avoiding other drivers' eyes. I loved the actor's voice and managed,
for once, to listen to the whole thing on audio (part of it being I
didn't have a book copy). I don't know about you, but listening to
books is a great motivator for hand-washing dishes and cleaning around
the house.

The book starts out with a bank robbery. Two friends,
both male, are at the bank and the robber manages to get away with the
money, but finds himself without a ride (his ride was getting talked to
by the cops and then drove away) and so he points to one of the friends
and tells him to give him his keys. The attitude of the character just
makes it very hard not to laugh. He's got a cheap old car that rarely
starts. Alas, he gives the keys over. The robber drops the gun on the
way out, but decides to just take off. Our main character, Ed, grabs
the gun and runs after the guy. Saves the day basically.

if that doesn't draw you into a story - the banter taking place
definitely will. Ed continues on and one day gets a playing card with
an address on it. He's been asked to give a message and this continues
on. He's not sure where the cards are coming from, but when two
gentleman come and rough him up (thanks to him being slow to figure out
one or two of the messages) he gets the picture that someone is behind
it. I don't think I'm explaining this book real well so far.

basically what happens - Ed has to find these people, figure out what
they need, and give it to them. A range of things happen - he gets
beaten the crap out of, he almost kills a man, and he has to pretend to
be an old woman's dead husband. And much, much more. The mystery behind
who is sending these addresses takes a side line while you cruise
through the life of Ed Kennedy - 20 something year old taxi-driver,
girlfriend deficient and with quite an attitude about life that is

I just ate this book right up. I wanted to scrub for
days or drive around just so I could listen to the accented voice that
matched up perfectly what I drew up in my head about the main
character. The plot was fantastic, the characters interesting and well,
the ending was bloody well perfect. But you'll have to read it yourself
to figure that last part out.

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