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My Own Island
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Reader reviewed by Sidra

It's Bella's wedding! Even though she is married to a vampire, Edward, she still wonders about her werewolf friend, Jacob. Edward and her go to Esme's island for their honeymoon. When she comes back, she realizes she is pregnant! How can she be pregnant from a vampire? She feels pain all the time and she starts to get the need of drinking blood to keep her child alive. Jacob on the other hand wants her to stop before she kills herself. Edward agrees with him too. But she won't let it die. It was either the fetus that's going to die, or her .....unless she turns into a vampire! Which choice will she make?

This book is the last one of the twilight saga and it is AMAZING! I love it so much because I can never put it down! I definetly recommend it for ALL TEENS!!!!!
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