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Reader reviewed by Ellery

New Moon is the 2nd book in the vampire trilogy written by Stephenie Meyer.  This story is about Victoria, James' mate, now trying to kill Bella because the other vampires killed James.  Because Edward feels like Bella will be safer if he is not around, his family moves away.  Bella goes totally unstable.  She starts to hang out with a childhood friend, named Jacob.  Jacob is a werewolf and can protect Bella from the vampires.  During this time, Bella starts doing dangerous activities.  When she does these dangerous things, she can hear Edward's voice in her head and feels closer to him.  Through a miscommunication, Edward thinks that Bella has committed suicide.  He wants to join her in death and the only way he can do it, is by provoking the vampire royalty, Volturi to do it.  Eventually, this misunderstanding is cleared up and Edward returns to Forks.  Bella gets grounded for leaving Forks without asking and riding motorcycles.  The vampire family agrees that Bella has to become a vampire after her graduation.
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