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Reader reviewed by stephanie

Okay, let's just say, I was highly disappointed with this ending. Seriously. IT NEVER ANSWERED MY QUESTION!!!! Sigh.

However, I did enjoy the plot especially about the mermaids and stuff because, hello, mermaids are awesome and they're so rare in today's books. :)

I loved the originality of the plot. Imagine: a girl going out into a small island and discovers something that can and possibly will change her life. I mean, a bit cliche but with the addition of mermaids, completely original, is it not?

Anyway, the characters were a bit...disappointing. We seem to know a lot about Miranda, factually, but not personally. She didn't seem to jump out of the pages for me and was kind of like a 2-D person. No real personal depth and stuff.

Leo was also wasn't what I had expected. Yes, he was gorgeous and utterly captivating but other than that? Nothing really. Though, I did enjoy his mysteriousness. [It's a word...I checked!] Which brings me to my next main point: the ending.

Okay, the ending sucked. Period. It never answered the main question so at the end of the book, I was left guessing and hanging there. Which is not exactly a nice place to be. Despite the fact that my question and basically the whole point of the book was never really answered, I enjoyed reading about the mystery and all the little hidden stuff around it.

Overall, Sea Change was a fascinating read but if you don't mind the cliff-hanger and stuff at the end, I think you'll enjoy it too. Plus, the cover is AMAZING.
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