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Colin is Confused
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Reader reviewed by Megan the Librarian

First of all, let me say that any book by John Green is a book that I want to read.  He is funny, smart, and a master of suspense.  This book evoked many emotions in me -- joy and frustration at the forefront and I found myself wanting more when it was over. 

Colin Singleton is going through the identity crisis many teens undergo when they graduate from high school and can no longer use that to define who they are.  But Colins problem is a little bit more serious not only can he no longer define himself as child prodigy, but he can also no longer define himself as the boyfriend of a Katherine.  His 19th Katherine has just dumped him, and Colin doesnt know what to do.  Hence the reason why he and his quirky friend Hassan end up in a little town interviewing people about their lives. 

Colin is a likeable character; dont get me wrong, hes frustrating sometimes with his inability to just be without overthinking everything, but hes still likeable.  Hassan is hilarious as he attempts to ground Colin from his flights of fancy, and Lindsey (their new friend from Gutshot) provides the perfect balance.  I would recommend this book to any teen who came into my library, and I believe that most of them will enjoy it. 

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