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The blood of love
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Tantalize is your typical forbidden love stroy. Kieren, Quince's bestie, is a halfbreed werewolf, who obviously can't have a relationship with human Quincie. You would think that this novel would focus mainly on that relationship but it really focus's on Quincie's job at her uncles new restaurant and the new vamp chef, Brad.

The book was actually very good with an unexpected - well somewhat expected - twist at the end that'll make you go: no way! I really liked Quincie's character, and she most certainly developed throughout the story, well matured would be a better way to put it.

A couple of things i didn't like was the fact that the writing wasn't very clear when it came to telling you if the "world" knew about supernatural creatures, or if only a select few did. Also, there were apparently more than one "were-animal" like a were-possum, and a "were-armadillo", which i thought was a little odd. And no there really wasn't an explanation to that.

Oh did i mention it's sort of a murder mystery too?

The ending was bittersweet, if not a bit rushed, and there most definitely will not be a sequel - that i know of anyways. A good novel for people who have nothing to read after twilight, check it out.
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