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Visions of Beauty, Visions of Fear
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Reader reviewed by Bookmac13

Ooooh, I love this book! It's so gripping! Right after the her mother's suicide - which Gemma frighteningly envisioned - she is sent of to Spence academy, the English boarding school Gemma had been dying to go to. But is there a reason her mother didn't want Gemma to go to that school, the one she went to as a girl? Gemma's about to find out.

Heavy with a power that Gemma is unaware of, Gemma and her friends soon learn what she is capable of doing. After discovering the beautiful magic filled realm, which Gemma and her friends escape to as often as possible, the four girls are eager to uncover all of Spence's secrets. And in doing so, Gemma discovers the secrets her mother has been keeping!

Oh, and to make matters more interesting, a handsome young Indian man keeps following Gemma, and he knows a thing or two about her power, and he isn't to happy that she's been using it.

So, yeah, I totally loved this book, it was filled with so much intrigue and suspense how could you not love it? The writing was really beautiful, and to top it off it was set in the fabulous eighteen hundreds. Unlike many historical fiction novels, you actually felt like you were reading a story from the heart of a girl in that time period, unlike a normal teen pretending to be from the past. Definitely read this, no buy it! It's really good. Seriously.
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