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Ugh...barely made it to the end
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Reader reviewed by Debbie

I had a really, really hard time getting through this book. In fact,
after the first 1/4 of it I was tempted to put it down and stop
reading.  This series as a whole so far has been filled with ups and
downs.  Book 1 was just ok to me and book 2 was a lot better.  I will
say that the last 40 or so pages of Chosen was great and made me glad I
kept reading and now I am kicking myself for having left book 4,
Untamed, at home.  Zoeys boyfriend problems are pretty much her own
fault and while she seems to realize her behavior is horrible she
doesnt do much to stop it.  I have to admit at this point Im actually
preferring Aphrodite over Zoey now that Aphrodite seems to be making a
change for the better.

Stop here because this will be a total spoiler for those who havent
read this book.   


So I thought Loren was totally hot and thought there was something
suspicious about his interest in Zoey.  It totally suck that he died
and I kind of suspect that instead of the religious nuts being the
killers its actually Neferet.  I think this was her excuse for going
to war on humans and I think she killed Loren because she was ticked
off he imprinted with Zoey.

Reprinted here with author's permission.

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