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Breaking Dawn one of the best of the Twilight Saga. Their love actually starts to get heated in this book first their marriage and then the sex that happens twice. ONE of the best books in the world and not only because of that but because they have to almost fight to save baby Reneesme. Reneesme seems like a cute little baby that anyone would be happy to have but she is no ordinary baby, Reneesme has a special power just like her daddy, Reneesme can remember anything and show people everything that she has seen just by touching their face. This would scare most people and even if it didn't scare them they wouldn't believe, but it goes back to that old saying "you have to see it to believe it." The Cullens, Deniali, and many other friends of Carlise help to save baby Reneesme from the Vulturi the law makers of Vampires, they kill vampires that they think will hurt their secret. Also the Cullens have to keep it a secret that Bella is a vampire, Charlie ( her dad) comes over almost every day and they have to keep it a secret since Charlie doesn't know their secret. But once Charlie has met Reneesme he is hooked, he can't leave her alone and he is amazed at how much she has grown, 6 inches everyday. During the time that Bella was pregnant with Reneesme all she can drink is blood and after a while that's all she wants to drink, Reneesme is destroying her body, cracking ribs, and I think we're all surprised to find that Rosalie is actually helping out with the baby but appuled to find out that Jacob Black (or as we know him best "the biggest werewolf ever") thinks that Rosalie is only helping out because she couldn't have a baby where she was turned into a vampire in early years. The fighting between Jacob and Rosalie is pretty interesting to read about because I think that every fight between them could make us laugh on our saddest days.

You'll love this book if you are wanting to read about vampires and werewolves with plenty of love and suspense mixing together in perfect harmony to make the greatest books ever.
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