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I have to say, Kiss of Life was not what I had expected. Whereas Generation Dead had more of a romantic element, Kiss of Life had more of a...plot element. It seemed to me as if Kiss of Life was more towards what was happening to the outside world [beyond Connecticut] than what was happening between Tommy, Pheobe and Adam.

What I did enjoy about Kiss of Life was the fact that for some of the chapters, the readers were able to view what was in Adam's head, a zombie's head. I liked it because it gave the readers a sense of how a zombie thought and how different it was between a zombie's mind and what a zombie actually said and that zombies aren't stupid, it's just that their motor skills haven't adjusted yet.

What I didn't enjoy about Kiss of Life was the fact that there weren't much details between the relationship of Tommy and Phoebe. I wished that Daniel had added more between them and the only communication between them were the infrequent emails. It frustrated me because I really wanted him and Phoebe to be together...

Kiss of Life had a LOT of things going on around the same time - a group whose goal was to frame the zombies with horrendous acts, the new zombie club that had opened in NYC, Tommy traveling around the country looking for more help, etc. and etc. It seemed to me that Kiss of Life had way too many things going on so it seemed pretty jumbled and confusing.

Overall, Kiss of Life will probably be a LOT better if there's a sequel that follows it up because all the actions in the novel needs some sort of conclusion, right?
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