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Reader reviewed by Liv

In New Moon, our star-crossed lovers, Bella Swan and Edward Cullen... break up?  Yes, that is what I said.

Edward is terrified of the possibility of possibly hurting Bella in the future, and tells Bella that they can no longer be together. He then leaves without telling her where he is going.  Bella is so devastated that she sinks into a deep state of depression.  Her sadness and broken heart seriously made me wish I could jump through the pages, find Edward, and make him come back.

So, what does a girl with a strange attraction to danger do when her vampire boyfriend breaks her heart?  She befriends Jacob Black, Indian Werewolf, who helps her find reasons to smile again all while falling in love with her himself.  She also finds a reason (I won't say what it is) to do scary and dangerous things on purpose leading to even more of those famous Bella trip-ups.

In the end of the book, our lovers reconnect and discover that even though they were apart, they never stopped thinking about each other.  This shows Edward that it will be impossible for him to stay away from Bella and vows to stay by her side.

I thought this was a great sequel to Twilight.  It really stirred up my emotions through its first-person point of view making me feel what Bella was feeling.  I was so betrayed when Edward left and thrilled when he returned.  However, unlike Bella, I was secretly rooting for Jacob to win her heart throughout the book.  Poor guy.
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