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I can never seem to stop reading this book
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Reader reviewed by Babydex17

I love this book. I like the prequel too, but I absolutely love this book.

You can tell that she already liked Vidanric when he came, she was so shyish around him. She always checks herself when she is around him or gets into a big arguement with him. You just knew she was jealous of Eleanor (or was it Eleanette) snd I guess the feeling was reciporcated, because they were always tense around each other. They both wanted Vidnric, but Mel just hadn't realized how she felt.

Somehow I knew Vidanric was her secret admirer, but I wasn't sure. Like she said he was hard to read.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I wanted her and Flauvic to get together. I just thought that would have been kind of cool, and yet scandalous.
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