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Reader reviewed by Amanda

Let me get some of the bad things out of the way right away. Zoey's non-cussing is becoming more of in issue therefore more annoying. Yes we get you don't like to cuss Zoey but MUST you say poopy? Or even worse "bull poop"?! I also wished that Zoey would realize that Stevie Rae wasn't the same anymore. There is a whole bunch of action in Chosen, more then any other of the books so far. All of Zoey's relationships are put to the test, too bad for her, she fails. But in the end I believe that Zoey grew as a person and is now able to start fresh by being truthful to her friends on NOT having three boyfriends. I hope she gets back with Heath, their relationship had more history and depth. Ohh my favorite character though would have to be Jack. Almost everything he does is adorable. I wanna give him a hug! Which makes me remember that all of the characters have pretty awesome personalities. Overall I think that Chosen was an event filled book that kept me turning the pages.
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