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Twilight continued! (spoilers if you haven't read it yet)
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Reader reviewed by Lauren

New Moon, the sequel to Twilight, is the continuation to the unlikely insanely-in-love Bella Swan, human, and Edward Cullen, vampire. After Bella nearly got killed by the tracker James, Edward wishes he could prevent any danger that he feels he's causing her. When his brother Jasper snaps at a party when Bella gets a paper cut, Edward decides to let go.

Bella is heartbroken and depressed, but she fines some happiness in life from her friend from the past, Jacob Black. Trying to forget about her vampire beau, she concentrates on Jacob and finds a best friend in him. While it's obvious he's thinking a little more than friendship, he stays at the friend level. Bella thinks she has finally found hope, Jacob suddenly distances himself from her.

Going close back to what she was going through before, it takes a while for Bella to think back to the dream she had before she knew Edward was a vampire, where Jacob suddenly transformed into a wolf... It turns out that her best friend isn't even human either, but a werewolf!

If you want to find out what happens to Bella as she lives within a fantasy world, fragile and endangered no matter what, and what she's willing to risk for them. This book is recommended to everyone, even adults. It's an absolutely amazing series.

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