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R_E_A_D T_H_I_S B_O_O_K!!!
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Reader reviewed by SLEEP IN THINE DREAMS

This book is also like crack to me, just like twilight.  i kept on reading this book until 2 in the moring, because impatient me had to go buy the book instead of waiting for the book at the library.  LOL.  This book is literally like the only thing I would ever need to live.  I love this book but it is so sad because It's kind of like a forbidden love between Janie and Cabel.  Kind of like Edward and Bella in a less dangerous kind of way.  If you ever need like a Romeo and Juliet type book this is the one.  I've never liked the romancey stuff that people love.  I never understood how it was important to a story but now I've kinda of got it.  The book isn't complete without the romance.  When you're not reading about Janie and Cabel together you're wondering what's going to happen or is a fight going to happen. Literally as I said before this book is like crack, but in a good way.  I'd rather be addicted to this book than crack. Anyway, DONT DO DRUGS!!!
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