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I thought The Book Thief was going to be just another book.  It turned out to be nothing like expected.
    A girl growing up in Nazi Germany with her foster family develops an obsession with stealing things. Her family and friends are facing the effects of the government and the war.
 The weirdest part about this book was the narrator.
 Rudy brought humor and feeling to the book.
    The best part was the white-out pages of Hitler's Life Story that Max wrote on to make a new version and then Leseil's story.
    When I finished this book I wasn't sure if it was supposed to just be a story or perhaps it was meant to be a huge metaphor.
    But the ending made me teary and it really opened my eyes to the life of  the everyday people living in Germany during the second world war.
I going to remember this book for a long time.

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