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Young Adult Fiction 1492
Gossip Girl
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Reader reviewed by stephanie

This is like Gossip Girl, but better. Way better. There's none of that "you know you love me. Gossip Girl" thing at all. Which was excellent because that line was really annoying after a while. Anyway, I really liked this book. But I really hate Drew. He's extremely wishy-washy. He doesn't know what he really wants so he keeps changing his mind. One minute, he's in love with Madison and tries to get her jealous. The next, he falls in love with Casey because she's not Madison. I mean, come on, really? Drew was the only person I really disliked. All the other characters were awesome though. Madison seemed like the classy bitch while Casey was the innocent new transfer student. The plot...basically the same as Gossip Girl but better. And...this series is definitely worth your time especially if you like (or kind of like) Gossip Girl.
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