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I liked
this book very much. It had a good storyline which met my expectations.
The review from amazon pretty much sums it up, so here it is:

"Anna was genetically engineered to be a perfect match for her
cancer-ridden older sister. Since birth, the 13-year-old has donated
platelets, blood, her umbilical cord, and bone marrow as part of her
family's struggle to lengthen Kate's life. Anna is now being considered
as a kidney donor in a last-ditch attempt to save her 16-year-old
sister. As this compelling story opens, Anna has hired a lawyer to
represent her in a medical emancipation suit to allow her to have
control over her own body. Picoult skillfully relates the ensuing drama
from the points of view of the parents; Anna; Cambell, the
self-absorbed lawyer; Julia, the court-appointed guardian ad litem; and
Jesse, the troubled oldest child in the family. Everyone's quandary is
explicated and each of the characters is fully developed. There seems
to be no easy answer, and readers are likely to be sympathetic to all
sides of the case. This is a real page-turner and frighteningly
thought-provoking. The story shows evidence of thorough research and
the unexpected twist at the end will surprise almost everyone. The
novel does not answer many questions, but it sure raises some and will
have teens thinking about possible answers long after they have
finished the book.
Picoults' characters were very developed so at the climax of the novel,
you can't help but get emotional because the characters seem so real.
It was one book that really makes you think and question some of
today's' technologies. (Anna was concieved by IVF). I wonder: Is is
better to know more and be more technologically advanced or to not? I
would say that it is better to know more, but not necessarily always
better to create inventions from our knowledge. Often, they bring about
more harmful affects than good ones. Example: cars, the internet, etc.
The internet began as a way to get knowledge from around the world, but
turned into something ugly as did cars-because of money. Enough ranting
for today ;)

Quote from novel: "You don't love someone because they're perfect, you love them in spite of the fact that they're not."

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