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I cried my eyes out when I read it.
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Reader reviewed by Jessica

This book totally made me cry. I cried a couple of times in the book. Three times to be exact. First of all, I cried when the Cullens left, and, believe it or not, whenever I think about it, I start to cry. I was sitting in class one day and just started to think about it and finally realized I had started crying. Second, I cried when Alice came back to check on Bella. I was just so happy atlesast one of the Cullens came back but I was so hoping Edward would come back and when I found out he hadn't yet, I was ready to read about Bella being depressed all over again. And, finally, I cried when Edward came back with Bella to Forks, Washington. I was just soooo happy he actually came back with her and didn't leave her again. If you have read this book, I am sure you were cried, or were atleast sad when the Cullens left. I definitely know I cried.
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