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I loved the book Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer. It was one amzing book. I read it and was amazed by what happened. You shouldn't read this book, though, if you haven't read the first books in the series, Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse. Breaking Dawn was just a well-written, lovely, and very interesting book. I loved the characters in the books. The personalities, actually, in the whole series were very interesting. For example, Alice loves clothes, hates it when people wear the same clothes twice, and loves going shopping. And Emmett loves hunting for grizzly bears, loves watching football, and loves it when he can get his hands on an angry grizzly bear for food. Rosalie is a beauty queen and loves herself and can be very selfish. So they all have pretty cool and interesting, but oddly unique personalities.  And the way they are described is awesome. I loved how she made things up about the Cullens. Like, she said they live on a diet of animal blood besides humans blood, they are pale white and ice-cold, love to drive fast although I sould say VERY fast, and my favorite thing of all she said about them, they sparkle in the sunlight. It was a very good book, all things written well and described to make it feel like you were there with the charcters the whole time. So, if you ask me for a book to read, I will say read Twilight, then New Moon, then Eclipse, then Breaking Dawn. Please, Breaking Dawn is the last book in this series and don't ruin the rest of the books by reading this first. But, I absolutely loved the series and I hope you will or did to.
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