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I can't be sure what inspired Collins to write this, but I am very thankful that she did. Set in the future, in the ruins of a place once called North America, Katniss Everdeen embarks on an adventure like no other. Katniss's community unwillinging participates in something mandated by the government called the Hunger Games. Similar to Shirley Jackson's The Lottery, the Hunger Games begin with a drawing that places 24 adolescents, ages 12-18, against each other in a televised fight to the death.

While I was initially unsure of how I would feel about this futuristic far-fetched plot, I ended up reading the entire novel from start to finish in one sitting.I simply could not put it down. Katniss is a believable and admirable character that draws readers in, and keeps them cheering for her in the deadly competition all through the novel. What Katniss finds in the wilderness-style death arena, is surprising. Love, compassion, and revenge help Katniss remain a contestant in the competiton far longer than even she expected.
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