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Chosen tells the story of Zoey Redbird, a vampire fledgling at the house of night. Things seem to be going great at the beginning- she is the leader of the Dark Daughters, her friends are the best any girl could ask for, and her hunky boyfriend is genuinly the sweetest most thoughtful guy in the universe. But then things get bad. Zoey has to try and fend off her recurring blood lust with her old boyfriend Heath while convincing Erik that she loves only him while struggling to hold back some unwanted sensual tension with her proffessor Loren. Not to mention try to figure out why Neferet seems to be acting weird and dealing with her best friend dying and trying to figure out if her eyesight is going because she keeps seeing dead kids walking around the grounds of House of Night. Oh and did I mention she has all the affinities and a strong connection with the goddess Nyx? So yeah, looks like Zoey's plate is full this year. This book is amazing! Competes strongly with all other vampire books I have ever read and that's saying something. It has humor, lust, love, friendship, action, suspense, western- you name it! It also deals with the prejeduces that people have based on religion, appearance, sexual orientation and much more. Everyone needs to read the House of Night series.
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