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Love in the Time of Christmas/Chanukah
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Would it turn you off if I tell you that Let It Snow is lovely?  I hope not, because thats the word that came to mind as I read this book.  I smiled throughout.  I felt good throughout.  Its just what I needed after reading a heavy-duty fantasy. 

A major snow storm on the East Coast began on the day before Christmas and continued throughout Christmas Day.  This is the premise that binds three original stories by three great writers:  John Green (Paper Chase), Maureen Johnson (Suite Scarlett) and Lauren Myracle (Bliss).   

Story 1:  Jubilee, yes thats her name, is forced to take a train to Florida to stay with her grandparents when her parents are arrested after a riot breaks out at the annual Flobie Santa Village sale&you know those little village models that people collect.  This means she cant go to Noah, her boyfriends house, for his annual Christmas smorgasbord.  Its their one year anniversary.  On board she meets Jeb who is coming home from visiting his family on the Reservation.  The train gets stuck in a snow drift in Gracetown, NC.  Jubilee gets off the train and treks to the local Waffle House where she meets Stuart who just broke up with Chloe. 

Story 2:  Cheerleaders, also on the train, wind up at the Waffle House.  The high school student who is managing the place on Christmas Eve calls his friend Tobin to come over with a Twister game demanded by the cheerleaders.  The chance to mingle with cheerleaders outweighs the danger of driving in major snow.  Tobin and his friend JP drag The Duke (Tobins girl friend, not girlfriend) with him.  JP wants the cheerleaders.  The Duke wants hash browns.  Youve got to know that The Duke likes Tobin.

Story 3:  Addie broke up with Jeb (Story 1) because (i) he wasnt as demonstrative as she wanted&no PDAs and (ii) because after a fight, she kissed sleazy, but gorgeous, Charlie and is now not worthy of Jeb.  Two days later she e-mailed Jeb saying she was sorry and inviting him to Starbucks to talk.  Of course, he doesnt show up.

So what these stories are predictable?  The writers are great.  The fact that theres a male perspective makes this a book that guys might like as well.  The characters are interesting, colorful, wise and likeable.  The stories are different.  They interweave each other, making them enjoyable by themselves or in the context of the other stories.  The whole thing just works.  Regardless the time of year, snow or sun, holiday or not, Let It Snow is just an enjoyable book.  Makes me want to go hug my girlfriend.  It might do the same to you.

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