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Great Book, Top 20 book series in my list!
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Reader reviewed by Priyanka

A really great book, first one in the series. its about a girl named Gemma Doyle, who lived in India, but had to move to a boarding school in England after the tragic death of her mother. Gemma befriends Pippa Cross, Ann Bradshaw, and Felicity Worthington, all of whom have been shared in on this secret, and magical land through a diary from a woman named Mary Dowd who left the diary 20 years ago and had died in a fire in the Bording school that they attend. Mary and her Best friend Sarah Reese-Toom died in the fire... or did they? Gemma learns of Circe and This other world, she meets a guy named Kartik from the "rakshana".Does this revew confuse you? Then you gotta READ the book to figure it out. Really, a must read. Super good :)
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