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Casey McCloy is finally getting used to living in New York. Moving from a small town in the middle of nowhere to the big city was a big change. But with her adorable boyfriend, Drew Van Allen, and a little knowledge of how things work, she's starting to fit in with all the other girls. Unfortunately, that means that being herself isn't really a choice anymore. Is fitting in really more important than being the real her?

But that's not her only worry. Madison Macallister is still angry with Casey for stealing Drew from her. Madison always gets what she wants. And this time Madison wants Drew...and a little revenge.

In Too Deep is the second book in The Elite series by Jennifer Banash. These books have all the expensive brands of Gossip Girl with a plot! What's not to like? I don't normally go for the rich girls being mean to the poor girl type of book, but this has interesting characters, each with their own little sub plot going on, and excellent writing. I think I preferred the first book to the second, but in this book, Madison seemed a lot more relateable than she did in the first.

I'd recommend this to Gossip Girl readers who are looking for something new to read. They are easy to enjoy and are great if you're looking for a light book. You can get In Too Deep January 6th, 2009. The next book in the series, Simply Irresistible, will be available Summer 2009.
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