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Okay Book, But Wont Be Going Out Of My Way To Find The Sequel
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Okay Book, But Wont Be Going Out Of My Way To Find The Sequel

Jumper (Movie Tie-In) by Steven Gould
Publication Date: February 2008 Reprint
3 out of 5 stars
R - Sexual Content, Violence, Alcohol Abuse, Profanity
Not Recommended

When David Davy Rice was 12, his mother left him in the care of his abusive alcoholic father. Five years later at the age of 17, he is now on his own. Hurting from the mental and physical wounds inflicted upon him by his father, Davy is set on settling in New York City and beginning his own life. Unable to get a job because of his lack of identification documents, he decides to get money through more questionable means. With government agents hot on his heels and a great girlfriend by his side, Davys mental and physical battles escalate. Only one thing is keeping him and his girlfriend out of the governments hands& his ability to teleport.

Jumper was an interesting book with a heavy atmosphere and a character whos morals and judgments were slightly askew.

I wanted to pity Davy and yet I detested some of his actions. Half the time I wanted to give him a much needed hug and the other half I wanted to talk some sense into him. Davy was strong in the face of danger, but his venerability around Millie, his girlfriend, made me like him all the more.

I admired Davys humor and sense of hope. Life is full of many dark, depressing events, so why not look forward to the light at the end of the tunnel and hold on to the hope for a happy, enjoyable life? I liked Millie because she was able to keep the light of hope burning in Davy when all he wanted to do was give up.

This novel began to lag around the middle, but with the help of some cruel, sad events the author got the story rolling again. The ending seemed to sneak up on me. The last 30 pages covered a huge amount of information, of which I was just barely able to absorb.

The reason I cant comfortably recommend this novel, is because of the sexual content, attempted rape, and strong profanity (f-word used very often).

If you think that this book sounds interesting and/or the main character sounds interesting, I suggest You dont know me by David Klass. You dont know me doesnt have anything paranormal, but Davy (from Jumper) and John (from You dont know me) are quite a lot alike in the fact that they both have abusive father figures and they both have to deal with the mental and physical wounds inflicted upon them because of it. Im going to overuse this word but, its interesting to see these characters survive and their emotions and behavior change, mature, grow, and become self-relying but yet able to show weakness at the appropriate times.

Jumper was an okay book, but I wont be going out of my way to find and read its sequel.

Date Reviewed: December 14th, 2008

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