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the werewolves' time to shine
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New moon is a sequel to the novel twilight by stephenie meyer. so the book began by the cullens and bella swan celebrating her 18th birthday. she never wanted to celebrate knowing that she is getting older than edward as the day passes by. while opening her gifts, she got a papercut which lead edward to jump on her to pretect her from jasper(he's the newest member of the cullen so he is still coping to be a "vegetarian"). Bella was lest terrified and injured due to edward's strength. This resulted in Edward leaving bella for her "safety". Of course, Bella didnt want him to leave but he did. She was very depressed for months. She remembers an old friend, Jacob Black, son of Billy Black, a friend of her father. Eventually, they became really good friends and Jacob fell in love with her. She tried doing extreme things because she learned that she could hear edward's voice when she does so. She soon discovers that he is a werewolf because he is a descendant of Ephraim Black,a quillieute tribe leader. She also learns the quillieute history and how they became werewolves. a death of a neightbour and a good friend of bella's dad occured and alice, edward's sister who can see the future, saw that she jumped off a cliff and thought she died. when edward called to confirm, he had mistaken bella's death to harry clearwater's so he ran to italy to provoke the volturi's. provoking the voltuirs would cause death to a vampire if he/she breaks the rule or try to expose them. since in edward's mind she's dead, he doesnt want to live anymore because there would be no point of existing if his other half is gone. bella was terrified when she knew this when alice came back to tell her. so they went to italy to save edward from killing himself.
this book was okay for me because of the part where edward leaves bella and he was barely in the book. but overall it was good. i like the part when bella runs really fast in order to save edward from exposing their vampire family by going out in the sun. :) i recommend this book to everyone who loves mystery, thriller and romance.
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