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This book will want you to keep reading.
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Reader reviewed by Bella

This book to me was really thrilling i love the fact Edward leaves Bella and her good friend Jacob Black comes to her and comforts her in her time of need. Stephenie Meyer is the author of my favorite book series now!!! The next book in the series is Eclipse, and that book will lead you to the last book... Breaking Dawn! But sadly Breaking Dawn is the last book in the Twilight series :(... Bella starts to fall in love with Jake (Jacob Black) while Edward is gone, and Jake is already in love with her so she is torn between her two loves! Edward and Jake. This book series is so addicting i bought the whole series and I've read the whole series over 10 times!!!!!!! Once you start reading Twilight you will WANT to read the rest just to see if she lives or dies by her loves thirst. With her two loves being enemies ( Jake = Wolf and Edward = Vampire) She is caught between three worlds... hers, Jakes, and Edwards. Who will she chose? Jake the warm and loving, protective wolf or Edward the old school, romantic Vampire?? to find out you need to keep reading the series!!
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