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Geenas plans for the summer include hanging out with her two best buds, Hero and Amber and working at the Triple Shot Betty coffee shack. Unfortunately, Geenas dreams are shattered as soon as Amber and Hero meet. The two of them dont get along. Period.

And just to make things more complicated, add a bunch of guys to the mix. Theres Claudio whos head over heels in love with Hero. And, then, theres John, popular, handsome John. Ambers in love with him. But he wants Hero. And then theres Geena and Ben whose long-standing rivalry looks like it might turn into something different.

What follows is a tale of summer romance and hilarious adventures.

There were many, many reasons why I loved this book. But the main one, without a doubt was the characters. Each character, even the secondary characters, was wel-developed and had distinct voices. As I was reading the novel, I could hear the characters in my head.

In addition, the book was HILARIOUS. After reading ambeens review, I paid close attention to the June 17th entry. And, I second her recommendation. Read that entry and then you will want the book.

Also, Jody Gehrmans terrific writing skills helped the plot move along smoothly. The plot was original and exciting. It was one of those books that you have to finish as soon as you start it. In fact, I liked it so much that Ive already reread once. (Rereading, to me, is a mark of a good book. I never reread books I dont love.)

Id recommend this book to anyone looking for a good laugh or those who loves chick-lit. <3 Im so glad that a sequels going to be released soon.

In conclusion, buy this book. It is easily worth the money. Not only is it an AMAZING book, its also scented. ;)
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