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To Sell or Not to Sell
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Reader reviewed by Lisa

I was very surprised by this book. It was hard to get used to the character changes at first but because the theme of the chocolate sale was essentially the same for everyone it started to get easier to keep up with. The middle of the story really hooked me in and I was really hoping Jerry would prevail but we all know that didnt happen. Its always good, I think, to read a story that doesnt turn out the way you wanted it to. I didnt like the message in the end and how Jerry gave in to all of the schools traditions and rules even if it was only in his mind. I wanted Jerry to be the rebel and believe in that poster that was in his locker that said, Do I dare disturb the universe? Other than this the book was o.k. I don't see why it's taught in schools with all of the taboo subjects and the many better books out there.
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