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Young Adult Fiction 1492
the rich and the powerful.. and the pure?
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Reader reviewed by c-alexis

I actually started the book when I was in New York on vacation, so I guess that was kind of cool that I would be reading about Casey's Central Park adventure, when I was there just a minute ago. As for the book itself, I liked the idea of the outsider trying to fit in. I thought that the words and selfish behaviours of some of the characters seemed so real. I loved the change of perspectives between the characters and you see how things really are despite the way they seem. The only character you could actually relate to (if you lead one of these glamorous lives) is Casey. The outsider who wants to fit in, gets sidetracked by bad advice from a frenemy, and eventually gets the guy because of who she really is. As I was reading this though, I did feel like it seemed a lot like Gossip Girl. Blaire as Madison, Serena as maybe Casey without the fashion problems, and all the hot guys on the show blended into the character of Drew. Anyways, it was a pretty good book for those who love the seduction of New York and all its glamour.

Reprinted here with author's permission.
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