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Reader reviewed by Megan

This book, by far, is the best out of the 3 others in the Twilight saga by Stephenie Meyer. I read this 700 paged (about) book in like a week! And I am an extremely slow reader! In the beginning, this book is slightly innapropriate for readers under maybe 13 years old. But, as the book goes on, Bella is becoming extremely and unnaturally pregnant. Then, bad things start happening. Is this half human/half vampire baby actually killing Bella? All of this is soo suspenseful and this is the exact reason I loved the book. All the bad stuff lead to even worse stuff and you kept wanting to turn the pages and eat it all up! My heart even started to beat because of how scared I was for Bella! The author does a great job of keeping you interested because she doesn't just throw out the suspense all at once, she builds it up. She also uses a great amount of detail so you actually believe like you're the main character! Great book!
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