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The Depression of Happiness
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New Moon is a well written novel by Stephenie Meyer. At the beggining of New Moon the Cullens celebrate Bella's 18th (Alice over does it). At one tiny little mistake the night goes haywire.Edward is 100% convinced that the vampire world is no place for Bella, packs up with his family and leaves.


When Charlie gets mad bella isn't resurfacing he forces her to do something. Bella finds she cant do much. When a pair of bikes get her attention she meets her favorite machenic. Jacob Black. So the La push crew enters into her world. But bella does eveerything she can to get her halucanations back to her. After jumping off a cliff for "cliff diving" she nearly drowns and Jacob Black saves her.

When Alice comes back to makle sure she wasnt dead Jake makes a BIG mistake. Edaward goes to the Volturi to ask for death.Bella and Alice go to Italy to make sure he does nothing that a "stupid,shiny, Volvo owner" would. The Volturi finds that a "mortal" was tangled up in this mess.Their punishment the un-death of Bella Swan. What happens next? Does Bella become a vampire?Do edward and bella get back together?will alice ever shut up? read more in eclpise.

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