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This book is about a girl name Darcy that has to take care of her grandmother and little sister Jamee. Her mother works in the "ER" so she is not home often so she never doesn't know what is going on in her kids life.

Jamme is dating a boy from Bluford High and Jamee is only in middle school and Darcy try's to talk to her about it but Jamee doesn't listen to her so Jamee get's deeper into Bobby Wallace and the more she get's to like him the more she will do for him.

Darcy and Jamee's dad comes back after 5 years and Darcy doesn't recogize him so she calls the police and they tell her that his name is "Carl Willis" and she doesn't want him to be around because after what he did she doesn't wont her mom to get hurt again so she tells him to stay a way from them
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