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I loved Stormbreaker. The beginning was a bit... strange, but beginnings are usually strange for me. This book was thrilling, and I loved venturing with Alex Rider. I didn't like how MI6 sort of "black-mailed" him to do what they wanted, but I have to admit, if they didn't, there would've been no fun for Alex.
This book begins with Alex receiving the news that his uncle, Ian Rider, died; but there was more. His uncle was working for them, as a spy, for a supposed computer for school children. After "black-mailing" Alex, he discovers, almost getting himself killed, that the stormbreakers (the computers) were not what everyone thought. And only he knew, until the end.
What could it possibly be? Join Alex Rider in this ride of a life time as a spy/secret agent for MI6! This book was absolutely wonderful!
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