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Great idea but boring
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Reader reviewed by Annabelle

Generation Dead is about a generation in which dead teenagers come back and live amongst the living. Many people arent comfortable around the zombies as they are called and therefore the living dead are faced with lots of prejudice. Things get especially bad when Tommy, a zombie, makes it onto the football team. Some of his teammates are outraged and this results in violence. However, not everyone feels this way about the living dead, in fact, Phoebe feels herself drawn to Tommy. Too bad for Adam, Phoebes best friend who has feelings for Phoebe but wont admit to them. But the biggest question of the book is what makes the dead teenagers come back, and why only some of them do.
I have to say that this book disappointed me. I guess I had too high expectations because romance with a supernatural twist is usually my type of book. Honestly, the book wasnt romantic at all and the plot moved really slowly and therefore made the book boring. There were also a lot of references to football that not everyone, including me, can understand. The idea of the story is actually great, but the way the book is written brought it across as boring and uninteresting.
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