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A goose girl with an unlikley, magestic and dark past.
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Reader reviewed by Jenna

Princess Ani of Kildenree has always been a letdown to her mother the queen ever since childhood. And when her father, the king, dies in a horse accident, the crowned thrown is given to Ani's brother, and she is sent to be the bride of the foreign prince of Bayern. On the long road to the nieghboring Bayern, Ani and a few loyal escorts are mutinied by her servent, and friend, Selia.

Now with nothing to her name, and in a strange land, Ani must find a way to get back her title while having the job of the goose girl for the Bayern King. But along the way she makes a few worker friends and discovers a secret strenght she didn't know she had.

I would recommend The Goose Girl to everyone looking for a less grim take on the Grimm Brothers fairy tale The Goose Girl. Miss Hale does an excellent job, and you really root for Ani to reach out of her shell and overcome all her challenges and prove that she is much more than her mother ever saw her to be.
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