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Stormbreaker by Alex Rider
3 out of 5 stars

Stormbreaker Book One of the Alex Rider Series by Anthony Horowitz was dominated by action-packed fighting scenes.

Fourteen year old Alex Rider has just lost his Uncle Ian to a supposed car accident. Though the police believes its so, Alex disagrees. How could his Uncle who constantly hassled him about seatbelts, not have been wearing one himself? As Alex searches for the truth, he finds out it was no accident, but murder. After his natural curiosity gets the better of him, he can never go back.

You never really got to know Alex. Yes of course you knew he was smart, physically fit, parentless, and great at snooker. But how much can you really know about a character if you didn't know his thoughts? How are suppose to know him if he barely talked? What if he didn't show emotion, how are you suppose to know him?

Stormbreaker was mainly a book full of action and descriptions of the fighting. The book would have benefited greatly if Alex Rider had developed more of a sense of a real human being. Someone with thought, words, and emotions people can connect with. Not just a book character who can do a lot of stunts and is a good spy.

It was a great book that could have been greater.
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