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Oh. My. Gosh! This HAS TO be my all-time favourite book! Of course, after I read a really good book, I say it's my favourite, but then I forget about it after a while, but really, this book was fantastic.

It tells the tale of Conor Broekhart, in the late 1800's, who was born in a hot air balloon. I loved everything about Conor. His determination, his brain, his courage! Hugo Bonvilain is the 'bad guy' in this book, and I can't say I hate him, for without his villainous plans, I would never have loved this book. Bonvilain murders the king, Isabella's father. Isabella is a very good childhood friend of Conor's. When Bonvilain murders the king, he frames Conor, but with Conor dressed differently and looking differently, so Conor's father did not recognize him. Bonvilain told Conor's father that he was dead. Therefore, Conor thought his father was angry and wanted to kill him, while Conor's father thought Conor was dead. He is sent from Great Saltee to Little Saltee, named a lunatic. After years of planning, he flies to victory,and of course, to trouble.

I loved Conor and Isabella's reunion, and I wish I were there, I seriously do. Or I wish they could be here. Either way, this book is an excellent read and I'm recommending it to you now, so read it, or you'll be sad because you will have just missed a quarter of your life!
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