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Imagine being a 17 year old autistic boy living in the 1940's with a horribly abusive father and no friends or school to attend. Now imagine that you have this amazing throwing arm, but nobody knows about it until one day, you are discovered by some scout. This is the life of Mickey Tussler. The story of Mickey is both interesting and exciting, and at times, very sad. But I have to say that it is one of the best books I have ever read, and many of my friends who are also in high school feel the same way. Although some of the vocabulary is difficult, the writing is really great. Every high school kid should read this book. The first chapter shows inspiration, with a scout randomly coming to Mickey's house. It seems like a dream, and shows inspiration that one boy, who isn't as `perfect' as everyone, shows anyone could do anything. Look for your talents, and look through your flaws. I think that is what the author was trying to say. He hit home with this story, and hopefully he will write many more stories like this.
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