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Reader reviewed by Jamie

I am not one to read a ton of books. The truth is, I much prefer to talk on-line or watch movies. The few books I have read have been pretty much boring and not very interesting. The Legend of Mickey Tussler is neither of those things. From the very beginning of the story, I was captured by this amazing character Mickey and all of the things that happened to him while growing up on a farm. The boy's parents, especially his father, are not too helpful and so Mickey struggles alot. This reminds me of so many of my friends who have parents that just do not "get them." I was also amazed at the author's ability to make Mickey and all of the characters so life like. The baseball scenes were cool, and the writing just sort of flowed. I was done with the book in record time -- 3 days. That has never happened before. I think thjis is the sort of book that should be read in schools. It teaches you about tolerating others who are different and shows kids that reading can be fun!
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