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Reader reviewed by K. Hager

Rachel Vail's latest book, "Lucky" is about a girl from a privileged family who falls on hard times do to her mother's high pressure job. The girls at school are all planning a big party together and suddenly it seems like there's no money for it. Rather than admit her family has fallen on hard times, she pretends that her best friend is taking over all the plans and that she's not into the party anymore. Meanwhile, she's starting to notice her friends seem to be slipping away and excluding her--do they know about her financial situation? Did they only like her when she was rich like them?

There's a scene in Neiman Marcus where a credit card gets rejected that just makes me squirm. In the end, things turn out, but there is also a pretty unbelievable event that I really think was taking it too far. Most people have good friends, but most people are not THAT generous. However I won't give it away completely! Still a good book with a theme that's easy to relate to.
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