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Young Adult Fiction 1956
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Sophomore year, Nicolette Antonovich was dumped two days before by the hottest guy at school-Rod "Rascal" Pasqual.As a result, she became the proud owner of one unworn, perfectly magical pink vintage dress. And she got to stare at it all evening long as a reminder.But Nic is determined to put that night behind her for good. She's a junior now -older, wiser and completely overwhelmed by a new set of problems:
1)The bank's ready to foreclose her childhood home. 2)Her father's too busy with his "replacement" daughter to care. 3)Her best friend's brother is an eternal thorn in her side.4)Her best friend isn't exactly the rose attached to that thorn.5)Rumors are flying around that could get her kicked off the volleyball team, which would 6) ruin all chances of a college scholarship. 7) She still likes the boy who dumped her in the first place.And 8) what in the world do you do with an unworn prom dress, anyway? Strangely, it's getting to the bottom of this last dilemma that just might hold the answer to all Nic's problems.

I really enjoyed reading this book. The main character Nic is very like able and seems real. She has many problems she has to figure out and she's down-to-earth. Nic is a very engaging character and she's witty at times. The plot was very good and the book was really funny at times.The characters have real life problems which makes them very easy to relate to. You should read all of Mrs.Ferraro's books for her writing is very good.
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